Shedding Light with ‘Facts’

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BELOW.   Paul Bonsell, Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer abused the court system to torment MS Patricia Mitchell, using the courts as a weapon against the innocent, not for protection.

#1.  UNLAWFUL USE OF A PERSONAL PROTECTIVE ORDER: Virgline Mitchell, Carolyn Spencer, and Jennifer Mitchell (Jennifer’s Patricia’s estranged sister-in-law) unlawfully obtained Personal Protective Orders, without incident. Carolyn Spencer, Virgline Mitchell, and Jennifer Mitchell filled out fraudulent requests to receive personal protection orders.   The accusations had no truth to them, and they were also using Jennifer’s children as leverage.   Patricia loves her nephews, and they love her.  Patricia is a professional photographer specializing in children and babies, and has spent hundreds of dollars taking professional photographs of Jennifer’s children over the years. The photographs of Jennifer’s children/Patricia’s nephews hung on the walls of their house from when they were just born until that year.  Yet Jennifer in court stated Patricia is not a professional photographer and implied to the courts that it was strange and scary that Patricia sent a photograph of one of their children to their house.  All such implications were baseless.

Obsessive attempts to target and sabotage Patricia’s flawless reputation, character, and livelihood were relentless.   The day before Carolyn was told by the Officer that she would be arrested if she came back to Patricia’s apartment after Carolyn ‘Illegally Entered” into Patricia’s apartment and “Assaulted” her, tearing her shirt and leaving her with bloody abrasions that left a scar.  After the Officer scolded her and threatened her, Carolyn became enraged insisted that she, Virgline and Jennifer Mitchell attained PPO’s. They used the PPO as a weapon to harass and assault Patricia Mitchell, not for protection.    (Police Report #      support this incident).; asking for a PPO would imply that Patricia was the aggressor.

To Summarize: Carolyn Spencer “unlawfully entered,” Patricia Mitchell’s apartment/home, or “trespassed” and assaulted Patricia and her child!  (See police report #__________). They then went to the courts and asked for a PPO against Patricia Mitchell, the victim.  Carolyn Spencer and Virgline Mitchell used the PPO not as form of protection, but as weapon against Patricia Mitchell, for the purpose of sabotage her character, to gain leverage against Patricia, by creating a false image of Patricia, which could be used against her to separate Patricia from her child. These false implications were used against Patricia Mitchell at the Termination Trial. 

#2.  SECOND ATTEMPT TO USE PPO UNLAWFULLY.  At the time Ms. Mitchell had filed a Motion to place her child into “Neutral Territory” and placed “Temporary Guardianship” with the grandparents to remove her child from the bus in which she was living with two convicts. Patricia received a phone call from Debra Lynch telling her that Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer requested through their attorney that Patricia bring the belongings of her child to their house. Patricia asked if she could leave the belongings at Debra’s office, but Debra indicated she was out of town.   Ms. Mitchell then brought her the necessities for her baby, Jasiah, that were requested by Carolyn and Virgline to the grandparents’ home. Mindful of the PPO’s, MS. Mitchell did not enter their property; she left a bag of bottles, formula, baby blankets, toys, and dolls at the base of Virgline’s Mitchell’s mailbox across the street from their property.  Nevertheless, within minutes Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer ignored what was in the best interests of the child, and ceased the opportunity to have Patricia arrested. Virg and Carolyn went directly to the police station and demanded that Patricia Mitchell be arrested.  (See police report # __________). This incident clearly reveals malicious intentions that prevailed over the best interests of the child.  In the police report Virg and Carolyn aggressively insisted that Patricia be arrested; however, the Officer stated that Patricia had not violated the personal protective order and noted that the behavior of Virgline and Carolyn was disturbing.

#3.  THIRD ATTEMPT to USE the “PPO” NOT AS PROTECTION, BUT AS A WEAPON AGAINST PATRICIA.    Virgline and Carolyn Spencer demanded once again that Patricia Mitchell be arrested for a violation of their personal protective order and for “Contacting their lawyer, Debra Lynch.”   Patricia had no representation at the time and was representing herself and her child in Pro Bono, but was legally obligated to respond to attorney Debra Lynch’s notifications. Virgline and Carolyn Spencer were grasping at straws obsessively provoking and searching for reasons to have Patricia Mitchell arrested.  In the police report, Virg Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer were hostile and combating with the police, insisting that Patricia be arrested.  The Grand Traverse County police told Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer that Patricia Mitchell had in no way committed a crime. In both reports Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer abused the structure and procedure of the Personal Protection Orders, not to protect themselves from a threat or danger, but instead abused the Order as a weapon against Ms. Mitchell to sabotage her character and livelihood.   The police reports reveal that Spencer and Virg were not acting in the child’s best interests.  Later these incidences were used as “police incidents” against MS Mitchell to terminate her parental rights, although Ms. Mitchell had no criminal involvement in any of these incidents. Note: Carolyn Spencer and Virgline Mitchell learned how to manipulate PPO’s to use the Orders to, sabotage, accuse, harass and “set up a person” by watching Paul Bonsell use his PPO’s against Patricia Mitchell.

#4. THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ALLOWED PAUL BONSELL TO USE HIS PPO TO GAIN LEVERAGE AGAINST MS. MITCHELL TO GAIN CHILD CUSTODY, AND NOT FOR THE PROTECTION FOR HIS WELL BEING. Paul Bonsell used his PPO as a weapon against her, and did not use his PPO as protection against Mitchell.   Ms. Mitchell was naïve, soft spoken and desperately struggling to create peace between herself and the father of her child, Bonsell. In Traverse City Michigan in January XXXX, Paul Bonsell called Ms. Mitchell repeatedly pleading with her to meet and talk about the best interest s of their child. Bonsell wanted to “come together to decide on a visitation agreement, without the courts.”  Bonsell argued that the State, Family Courts were making a mess out of their lives.  Although reluctant and always thinking about the well-being of her baby, Ms. Mitchell would only agree to meet if Bonsell called himself for the taxi to pick up Ms. Mitchell and her child to bring them to his house. When Ms. Mitchell arrived at Bonsell’s house, he paid the taxi driver, and told the driver that he would be calling again in an hour. (Note that Ms. Mitchell brought a small box of homemade Christmas cookies and chocolates as a gift and peace truce…)  An hour later Bonsell called the taxi driver, who drove Patricia and their daughter back to their apartment.

The taxi company had undisputed records that confirmed Bonsell’s address, phone number, and records of Bonsell’s calls requesting a taxi to pick up Patricia Mitchell and her baby at her apartment, arriving at Bonsell’s house and then to bring them home. The taxi company also had proof that Bonsell paid for the taxi. Nevertheless, the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Bonsell went down to the Court house, to request a hearing accusing Patricia Mitchell for violating his personal protection order!   A Hearing was scheduled, and Ms. Mitchell brought the taxi driver as a witness against Bonsell. The evidence clearly showed that Bonsell “set Patricia up.”  Patricia brought the taxi company’s records as evidence, and the taxi driver testified in court to the facts stated above. The driver also added that “Bonsell appeared happy to see Patricia, kissed her, and ignored the baby on arrival and when they left.     Bonsell came to Court with his new girlfriend, whose stepmother was a city council member. The Judge was bewildered that Bonsell had the nerve to point the finger at Patricia and kept leaving the bench for several minutes at a time, stating he “had to check with something.” Patricia Mitchell and the taxi driver believed that Bonsell would be convicted for using the courts for his own personal vendetta against the mother of his child, for the purpose of gaining custody. It was beyond shocking to hear the verdict: Ms. Mitchell was found guilty of violating the PPO that Bonsell abused and used to manipulate the system to entrap Patricia Mitchell. This was also used later against her when Patricia, which contributed toward giving full custody of their child to Paul Bonsell.

Patricia was sentenced to two weekends in jail. Later this unjust conviction was also used against Patricia Mitchell to terminate her parental rights; the implication in the Termination Petition was that Ms. Mitchell had a “history of criminality and mental illness.” (No doctors testified or implied Patricia had a mentally or physically ill, nor did any doctor diagnose Patricia with any mental or physical health issues, Note at the termination trial 3 out of 4 doctors spoke in favor of the child returning to Patricia, however Dr. Wayne Simmons who Patricia saw for less then then ten minutes read her low psychological scores out loud to the jury implying, due to the fact Patricia answer yes, she has seen her self in magazines, yes she has seen herself on TV etc.) Carolyn Spencer pestered CPS, enraged when therapist and doctors disagreed with Carolyn’s character assassination towards Patricia. Patricia’s older sister Kathy, who lived out west, would make bizarre and troubling statements like, “Patti is really smart, she is like the devil who is smart, she knows so much about everything.”    Psychiatrist Doctor Riddle, Practitioner Mariann X, and Therapist Susan Haugh all saw Patricia, who willingly disagreed with Carolyn Spencer and Virgline’S attacks on Patricia’s well-being. All three professionals gave Patricia a clean bill of health and adamantly insisted that the child be return to the mother. It is notable that Patricia volunteered to see as many doctors, therapists or anyone else in order to secure custody of her child; however, Paul Bonsell refused to see any therapists, doctors, or counselors, and there is no mentioning of Bonsell’s refusal throughout these troubling circumstances!  In _________ and at _____________Paul Bonsell received full custody of their child. Although there were no formal Hearings or Sessions that occurred which gave full custody to Bonsell. Although behind closed doors in this small town there were whispers that originated from Carolyn Spencer and Bonsell, that cast doubt on Patricia’s character. This PPO violation conviction against Ms. Mitchell was indirectly used by CPS caseworkers that choose Bonsell over Patricia to receive full custody of their child.   Paul Bonsell abused and manipulated his state-privileged Personal Protection Order for alternative motives to use against Ms. Mitchell, and which later the State would use to imply “criminality” to terminate her parental rights.


























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