Violent abuse used against the VICTIM


What follows is an account of the violent physical attacks against Patricia Mitchell and her unborn child and after her child was born that were later held against her at the Termination Trial. This account includes deceptive Police reports and unjust charges that were 100% false.

 This first attack was not used against Patricia Mitchell in court, but is worth noting so the reader may understand the magnitude and history of physical abuse by Virgline towards her daughter Patricia Mitchell, and her unborn child, and after the baby was born.

In Patricia Mitchell’s own words: 

#1).  “I arrived 8 ½ months pregnant at my parents’ house, with my dog and her two-week old puppies. Within an hour of my first visit to my estranged family’s house Virgline Mitchell (my estranged mother) took me aside and said in a heartless tone, “I don’t want you here.” I ignored Virg like I always did when she attacked me, and went to the basement to look through old boxes, Carolyn Spencer, my younger sister was there, and when I took out my ice skates from a box I smiled and told the story behind my ice skates. Virg, who had come down, ripped my skates from me and in a deep growling voice said, “Those are Carolyn’s skates!” I looked at them like they were ‘mad’ and out of their minds, but said nothing. Carolyn knew they were my skates that JP bought me in South Hampton. Carolyn picked up my skates that she had never seen before and went upstairs with them.   By the next day Virgline Mitchell was screeching as loud as one could screech down the basement that one of my puppies peed off the paper and area that I had made for my dog and her puppies. There was tiny spot of pee on the cement floor instead of on the newspaper; as I was cleaning it up, Virgline became historical, flinging a fireplace poker as a weapon to harm me and my unborn baby. “Virg” yelled, “Get her Jim” “Get her Jim.”  My “dad” slugged me in the face with his fist, again and again, as I was trying to collect the puppies that were under a piece of furniture. Virg got on the floor, yelling, “I’m going to kill them!”  She jabbed the iron rod with great force at the puppies to kill them, but I was able to reach them and pull them to my chest. Virg continued screaming, “I’m going to kill them & I’m going to kill them,” swinging the iron rod at the puppies and me. I dodged her; she just missed hitting my unborn child/large belly. I pleaded and pleaded with both of them “Please… Please Stop… you will hurt my baby” “My Baby” “Stop My baby” ” Oh my God my baby.” Virg looked directly in my eyes and said with such Hatred  “Sooo………!!”  Then she stopped again as if to say, ‘didn’t you hear me’  and screamed even more loudly, “SOOOOOO!” I remember thinking this woman is out of her mind. I collected my dog and her puppies and ran out of the house and right into their neighbor’s house, without knocking, I was so terrorized by their insanity. Their neighbor was home as a witness. Dr. Carl Anders protected me, my unborn child, my dog and her puppies. Dr. Anders (later interviewed by my private investigator) was a witness to this violent attack and supports this claim).

I refused to leave Anders’ home. Carolyn came over to talk to me about what happen. She said that my dad was “sorry for losing his cool” and also said “he did not even know why he was hitting me,” not until it was all over and Virg told him. It was at this time Carolyn began to brain wash me into submission by using terror. I was clearly terrorized in that moment, yet Carolyn seized the moment, and threatened me saying that if I went to the police and pressed charges against Virg and Jim, she would have my “baby taken from me the moment she was born,” with her new position as a Family First caseworker this unthinkable act would allow my sister Carolyn Spencer to take my baby, without evidence against me. I was bewildered, weak with anemia, vulnerable, frightened and agreed not to press charges. Carolyn terrorizing baseless threat hit the core of my being.

#2.  See police Report # _________ The first day of the Reverse Custody Trial Patricia filed a motion (in pro-bono) to place her child into “Neutral Territory,” with the Magistrate proceeding over the trial, desperate to get her child out of the school bus where the baby continued to live with her father, a convict and yards away from Don Nelson, a convicted sex offender on probation. The Magistrate accepted Patricia’s Plea/Motion and had her baby transferred out of the bus and into the Grandparents home. Prior to this Motion Carolyn Spencer was adamant with her colleagues insisting that “Patti’s baby is fine in that bus, that’s where Patti’s baby belongs, so CPS never took Patricia’s baby out of that deadly environment.  (Note, both Jim Mitchell Junior and Virg & Jim Mitchell, took a life insurance policy out on Patricia’s life at the time of these events that would benefit them and they asked Patricia for her signature, in terrorizing fear Patricia reluctantly signed her name)

This police report #___________was written during the time that Patricia’s baby was in “Neutral Territory” at Jim and Virg’s house, Patricia was having a Court Order Visitation with her child, and brought a friend with her for safety.   Witness X, who witnessed the initial attack made by Jim Mitchell SR against Patricia Mitchell, wrote a statement, expressing that it was Virg’s knee jerk reaction to attack Patricia for asking her mother if she could have some time alone with her child in the living room accompanied by her friend. It was at that time Virg came at Patricia, Patricia’s friend ran out of the way, and Jim Mitchell Sr. took over and began smacking Patricia up against a mirror, where she fell onto the floor, and the mirror broke behind her. Patricia did not try to fight back and tried to leave with her friend. Patricia’s mother then grabbed Patricia’s boots and coat and went upstairs with them. Jim Mitchell grabbed the baby, and began punching Patricia as he held her baby; with very punch the baby’s head swung back and forth like a rag doll, Patricia was screaming, “Watch my baby’s head!” “Watch my babies head!” The baby was historical and trying hard to catch her breath. It looked like Jim Mitchell was going to break the neck of my baby. “Patricia was pleading “STOP, get a hold of yourselves, PLEASE!” Witness X ran out of the house took off in her car without Patricia, and called the police.”   At that time Jim Mitchell Sr threw the child across the room towards the couch, and the baby landed up against the back of the couch.  Virgline picked up the baby like it was inanimate object and ran upstairs with her and placed her in dark room and shut the door. Within seconds Virgline was coming down the stairs with something in her hand and was about to hit Patricia over the head with it, when Patricia pleaded again “PLEASE for the love of God stop stop!!” It was then Patricia ran out from the residence without a coat, shoes or boots in 4 feet of snow and the temperature below zero. She tripped and Jim Mitchell Sr, came over and held Patricia’s head down in the snow, Virgline came running out and sat on top of Patricia’s head, with a deep loud voice, “Get her Jim, Get Jim.” Patricia was being suffocated and remembers thinking, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I’m dying my parents are killing me.”

With her last bit of strength Patricia Mitchell knocked both of them off her, and crawled away in the snow, stumbling away from that horror house, walking in socks down the dark and freezing rural isolated road.   Patricia had bloody gashes on her head and numerous bloody abrasions up and down her arms, neck and head.  (See photos in Police Report #__________) The officers showed up, and found Patricia many doors away from her parents house walking in the snowy road with no shoes and no coat, with a ripped shirt & abrasion on her arms, neck and head.

There were no marks on either Jim Mitchell Sr or Virgline Mitchell. The Officer informed Patricia that her parents were aggressively attempting to press charges against her. The Officer informed Jim and Virg Mitchell they would be the ones arrested that night, “not Patricia.”   The Officer encouraged Patricia Mitchell to press charges against Virg and Jim Mitchell Sr. Unfortunately, Patricia believed if she did not press charges and have her parents arrested they would be bowing to her in remorse the next day, thanking her for not pressing charges. But the deeply disturbed Virgline did nothing of the sort. Instead they refused all Patricia’s court order visitations, and took the child out of State for 5 months, without have appropriate authority to do so. When the child returned, she was unrecognizable, she had a severe loss of weight, hollow cheeks, and thousands of inflamed, untreated bug bites on every inch of her skin.  The child’s eyes were filled with fear, a child who had once been happy and confident; when Patricia walked in the room the toddler was hiding under a piece of furniture in terror.  She attempted to take a photograph of her child in this condition but the CPS/Family First agent would not let her and confiscated her camera, and did not give it back until she left the building. This is when the mother went into physical shock; her teeth began to shiver and body shook by its own accord. When she got back to her car, she began to vomit.

INCONCEIVABLY, this incident was referred to as evidence to be used against Patricia Mitchell to terminate her parental rights. The incident and facts were twisted to imply that Ms. Mitchell was the aggressor in this incident, although the police reports and the witness’ hand-written statement do not support this horrific miscarriage of the truth.

#3.   In Police Report #__________, Carolyn Spencer illegally entered into Ms. Patricia Mitchell’s residence/apartment unannounced, while Patricia was joyfully feeding her baby in her high-chair: Carolyn Spencer committed an “Illegal Entry” and “Trespassing,” and “Assault.”

Patricia’s nature is to appease these people, wishfully thinking that appeasing them would make them stop obsessively harassing and attacking herself and her baby.  Patricia politely asked Carolyn Spencer to leave after Carolyn had open the door and walked in without knocking.  Carolyn Spencer refused and began to yell and became violent. Carolyn Spencer knocked over the high chair with the child still in it and demanded that Mitchell give her a tape recorder. Spencer then attacked Mitchell, leaving her with deep gashes on her chest and wrists, which left scars.) Carolyn tore Mitchell’s shirt to shreds and it was covered in Mitchell’s blood. The Police Report indicated that Spencer had no marks or ripped clothing. The Officer was a witness to the deep gashes and bloody, ripped shirt and strongly advised Patricia Mitchell to press charges against Spencer. Mitchell refused, believing if she had Spencer arrested it would only make the situation worst for herself and baby since Carolyn Spencer worked for CPS as a Family First caseworker, which gave authority over all the children in that county.

While Patricia calmly spoke to the Officer in her apartment, Carolyn frantically shouted from outside, screaming at the window that she wanted to press charges against Mitchell.   The Officer advised Carolyn Spencer that she was to leave the property and not to return. And that if anyone was going to be arrested it would be Carolyn Spencer. Both physically violent attacks on Patricia Mitchell were used against her in the Termination Trial.

4). UNJUST/ILLEGAL CHARGE PERTAINING TO PATRICIA MITCHELL VS.THE STATE OF MICHIGAN  #4).  On __________, ________, at __________, Paul Bonsell violently assaulted Patricia Mitchell, causing a very deep gash her head, on her leg, and abrasions on her arms. A neighbor called the police. The police arrested Paul Bonsell on ‘Assault Charges.’   Ms. Mitchell simply said the word “See.” (as if to say I told you would be arrested) to Bonsell, in front of the officer. The officer did not “like” her attitude, so Ms. Mitchell was arrested as well.  Ms. Mitchell asked what she was being arrested for and the officer responded: “Trespassing.”   Ms. Mitchell informed the Officers that she lived at this residence, but the Officer ignored her (did not believe her) and continued the process.   When Ms. Mitchell was booked at the police station the charge read Trespassing, but when she gave her address the Officers realized that Patricia Mitchell had been telling the truth about living at the residence. Instead of releasing her, the Officer changed the Charge from “Trespassing” to “Assault” and she was held in jail.  Although the Charge was later dismissed, this incident was used as more evidence against Patricia Mitchell at the Termination Trial to terminate her parental rights. Once again implying that Ms. Mitchell was aggressive or had a behavior problem that involved “Assault.” The Police Report #___________________does not support this implication.





























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